Geoff Tily, Published Papers and Reviews

2014        ‘Reparations, Orthodoxy and Fascism’ (writing as Douglas Coe) in Keynes’s Economic Consequences of the Peace: A Reappraisal, Editors: Jens Hölscher and Matthias Klaes, London: Pickering and Chatto

2014       ‘Whatever happened to Keynes’s monetary theory?’, with Victoria Chick, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Special Issue: Whig History and the reinterpretation of economic theory, 38 (3), May, 681-699.

2013      Review of Bradley Bateman, Toshiaki Hirai and Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Eds. (2010) The Return to Keynes, Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA, Economica, 80, 190-4.

2012      ‘Keynes’s monetary theory of interest’, Bank for International Settlements, November 2011 workshop on policy interaction: fiscal policy monetary policy and debt management, forthcoming.

2012      Review of Bradley Bateman, Toshiaki Hirai and Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Eds. (2010) The Return to Keynes, Economica, forthcoming

2011       ‘Another “Useful Fiction”?’, review essay on Roger E. Backhouse and Bradley W. Bateman, Eds. (2006) The Cambridge Companion to Keynes, Critique of Political Economy, 1, Autumn, 121-52.

2010      ‘The critical steps in the transition from the Treatise to the General Theory: an alternative interpretation motivated by the work of Toshiaki Hirai’, History of Economic Ideas, 18, 1, 61-93.

2009      ‘The Policy Implications of the General Theory’, Real World Economic Review, 50, 16-33 

2009       ‘Lord Robbins, Monetary Reform and Keynesian Economics’, Frank Cowell and Amos Witztum (Eds.), Lionel Robbins’s essay on the nature and significance of economic science, 75th anniversary conference proceedings, STICERD/ LSE.

2009      ‘The General Theory and Monetary Policy: Investment versus Inflation’, Intervention, 6 (1), 97-118.

2009      ‘John Maynard Keynes and the Development of National Accounts in Britain, 1895 to 1941’, Review of Income and Wealth, 55, 2, June, 331-59.

2008       Review of Maria Christina Marcuzzo and Annalisa Rosselli (2005), eds., Economists in Cambridge: A Study Through their Correspondence, 1907-1946, London and New York: Routledge, Economica, 75 (299), Aug., 612-14.                            

2008      Review of Paul Davidson (2007), John Maynard Keynes, Macmillan: London, Economic Issues, 13 (1), Mar., 102-4.

2007       Review of Gordon Fletcher (2007), Dennis Robertson: Essays on His Life and Work, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, History of Economic Ideas, 15 (3), 191-3.

2006       ‘Keynes’s theory of liquidity preference and his debt management and monetary policies’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 30 (5), Sep., 657-70.

2006      ‘Post Keynesianism for central bankers’, review essay on Basil John Moore (2006), Shaking the Invisible Hand: Com­plexity, Endogenous Money and Exogenous Interest Rates, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, History of Economic Ideas , 14, (3), 139-44.

Working papers

2009        Keynes and the financing of public works expenditures, Post Keynesian Study Group website

Unpublished Conference Papers

2011         ‘The Equilibrium Properties of Macroeconomic Systems’, Paper for Fifth Post-Keynesian Conference, May 2011, Roskilde

2008        ‘Methodology, Macroeconomics and Time: 25 years after Macroeconomics After Keynes’, Paper for 11th SCEME Seminar in Economic Methodology, September 2008

2008       ‘The General Theory, monetary policy, investment and the long period’, Post Keynesian Study Group (PKSG)

2007       ‘Keynes betrayed’, presentation of my book, PKSG

2007       ‘Risk and uncertainty: a distinction of validity and importance’, for poster session at Royal Statistics Society Annual Conference.

2007      ‘The curious case of endogenous money’, 9th annual conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics.

2006       ‘The origins of Keynesian policy in the 1930s’, 8th annual conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics,

2005        ‘The British Labour Party and Finance Capital: New Labour – Old Finance’, 7th annual conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics.

2005        ‘JMK and the Fourth Grand Monetary Discussion’, Annual Conference of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought.

2004       ‘The socialisation of interest’, 6th annual conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics.

2002       ‘Keynes and cheap money’, annual conference of the European Association of Political Economy.

2001        ‘Keynes’s message: cheap money’, 3rd annual conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics.

2000       ‘The published empirical evidence for the neutrality of money: a critique’, 2nd annual conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics.

 Other Speaking

2009        ‘Keynes and international financial policy’, response to lecture by Prabhat Patnaik, ‘The Dollar and the World Economy’, LSE, July.

2009        ‘Keynes, Policy and the General Theory’, Keynes Seminar, PKSG, February

Publications in Official Statistics (some co-authored) 

2008       ‘Monitoring the quality of the National Accounts’, Economic and Labour Market Review, Mar.

2007       ‘The measurement and role of government procurement in macroeconomic statistics’, Economic and Labour Market Review, Mar.

2007        Official statistical publications and economic statistics, Economic and Labour Market Review, Jan.

2006       ‘Improvements to timely measures of service sector output’, Economic Trends, May.

2006        ‘A change in the method of recording payments for banking services in the UK National Accounts’, non-journal / web only article

2005        ‘Private pension contributions: updated estimates, 1996-2004’, Economic Trends, Sep.

2004       ‘Private pension estimates and the National Accounts’, Economic Trends, Aug.

2004        The Allsopp Review of Statistics for Economic Policy, two parts, HM Treasury (member of drafting team).

2003       VAT missing trader intra-Community fraud: the effect on balance of payments statistics and UK National Accounts, Economic Trends, Jul.

2003          Monthly ‘Economic Update’ macroeconomic overview article in Economic Trends.

1997       International Comparisons of GDP per Head over Time, Economic Trends, Mar.